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Passive House and Buildings

At KMAI, we understand the significance of Passive House design methodology. True sustainability comes from the measures and practices we set to limit our impact on the Earth, allowing us to live as we do today without continued long-term effects on the planet; practices that support us and help us to live better and do not set out to diminish our livelihoods, our health or our ability to develop as people, cultures, nations.

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Passive House - YWCA-1

A History of Making a Difference

We have been collectively working on Passive House since 2009. We currently have six trained professionals on staff and are equipped to practice this methodology with sufficient knowledge and experience, delivering architecture that has minimal impact on the environment.

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Process and Passion

Passive House is ingrained in our methodology. It is part of who we are. With every project that comes through our door, we see an opportunity to deploy our Passive House expertise. Informing our clients who may not be aware of the tremendous opportunities that Passive House can provide.

The Passive House Standard should not be a privilege, it should be a right. The more people who are committed to Passive House, the more certified materials will be made available, which will in turn make it less of a specialty commodity, and reduce the overall cost.

Imagine being able to sit next to a window in the dead of winter and not feel a draft, then sit next to that same window at the height of summer and not feel overheated.

Jonathan Kearns

Building to Passive House standards means:

Healthy Environment



Energy Efficiency



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