Bay Cannon Affordable Housing - Front-elevation-NIGHT

Bay Cannon Affordable Housing

Located in downtown Hamilton, this new 55 unit, 53,000 sq.ft. mid-rise affordable housing building will feature a mix of one and three bedroom units with amenity space on the ground floor and a large exterior amenity outdoor garden space.

Situated in a neighbourhood with predominately 2 to 3 storey commercial and residential buildings, the new building massing is broken down into smaller volumes with a distinct 3 storey projection scaling down to a group of 2 storey townhouses to the north.

Transparency is provided for the amenity space on the ground floor providing views to the major Bay & Cannon Street intersection and vice versa.

The building is designed to meet Passive House standards with a high performance super air-tight building envelope, triple glazed windows, 0 thermal – conductance and energy recovery ventilation mechanical system. The building intends to achieve Passive House certification.

Bay Cannon is the first of two buildings slated for the site. KMAI has designed the building with careful attention to site constraints to factor in the next phase of the development. The goal of Bay Cannon is to create a landmark affordable residential building with low energy consumption through Passive House design for CityHousing Hamilton

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Hamilton, ON

Gross Project Area

52,000 sq.f


City Housing Hamilton Corporation, City of Hamilton


In Construction

Project Value


Project Team

Peter Ng, Irene Rivera, Esther van Eeden, and Thanh Tran

Bay Cannon Affordable Housing - North-West
Bay Cannon Affordable Housing - North-East-Perspective-Day

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