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Why Work Here?

We are a diverse group of creative individuals who believe strongly in the advancement of our firm goal: to promote the transformation of the built environment in a thoughtful way. Work should not feel like work. At KMAI we strive to support our employees and encourage a healthy work-life balance. Most importantly, we want our team to love what they do.

Perks of working at KMAI

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Working with your team has been an unmitigated joy. Their creative imagination, professionalism and goodwill made for a harmonious working relationship the results of which I get to enjoy every day. We are thrilled with the outcome of their work and very proud of what we were able to "concoct" together.

Dr. Gerd Hauck

Director of the REAL Institute

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We consider Kearns Mancini Architects to be the leading Passive House architectural firm in Ontario.

Andrew Arifuzzaman

University of Toronto Scarborough Campus, Chief Administrative Officer

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The Canadian Canoe Museum defers to the landscape and the need to integrate with it, as opposed to standing out like a Bilbao. It’s not architecture as an object, but rather architecture linked to experience. The most significant thing beyond the integration in the landscape is the experience from within, and how the museum frames the view to the outside. It’s a very soft and generous approach to building.

Manon Asselin

Official Juror, Canadian Architect 2016 Awards of Excellence

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We're living in a time of incredible consumption, and everything's about economics and everything's about cash flow, and I think Jonathan Kearns has an ability to stand away from that stuff and feel something that motivates him. He's motivated to do his work in a way that I think a lot of architects and a lot of designers aren't. What I'm saying is that he's got a depth of emotion and feeling, and it comes out.

Bruce Kuwabara

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Canadian Centre for Architecture

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I have had the pleasure of working directly with Kearns Mancini Architects on the University of Toronto's Micro-Satellite and Technology Centre. I am happy to provide a positive review of their incredible work. I highly recommend Kearns Mancini because of their high-quality service to clients, design prowess and project management skills.

Dr. Robert E. Zee

Director, Space Flight Laboratory (University of Toronto Insitute of Aerospace Studies)

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Kearns Mancini Architects is an effective problem-solving team with positive project management skills carried out by their cohesive team of experts. Their attention to detail and knowledge of local school cost/schedule framework has always delivered effective benefit to our Board. Moreover, the quality of Design of this architectural group is outstanding.

K.J. Cochrane

Chief Architect, TCDSB

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