Meadowbrook Lane Passive House Community Affordable Housing Residence - West-Elevation-2_1

Meadowbrook Lane Community Affordable Housing Residence

This 10-storey multi-unit residential building brings much needed affordable housing to the City of Windsor. The building includes 145 affordable housing units in various unit type ranging from bachelor to three-bedroom suites, as well as shared amenity space on each residential floor. The ground floor of the building is reserved for amenity uses, offices, a four-bedroom community special care unit and various building services.

With a super airtight high R-Value building envelope; triple glazed windows; thermal bridging mitigation; and a mechanical system with energy recovery ventilation, the building is designed to meet and achieve Passive House Standards and Certification.

Meadowbrook Lane responds to the community’s demands for affordable housing with responsible and resilient architecture.

grey container


Windsor, ON

Gross Project Area

143,000 sq. ft.


Windsor Essex Community Housing Corporation



Project Value


Project Team

Jonathan Kearns, Peter Ng, Deborah Byrne, Kelly Fisher, Natalie Krakovsky

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