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YWCA Hamilton

The elegant new design will re-introduce the YWCA to the artistic Crown Point neighbourhood. The architectural intent of the project was to be part of the existing neighbourhood, be reflective of Hamilton as a Steel Town and use local manufacturers where possible. A one-storey podium, which has been designed to pay homage to the surrounding contextual fabric, will connect the community programming with the street.

The building is a 50-unit multi-family social housing residence with a Community and Enterprise Centre. The building consists of a one-storey + basement community programming podium and a five-storey residential component. The design also includes multiple outdoor amenity spaces that vary in privacy and program.

YWCA Hamilton provides transformative services in many areas, including housing options for women-led families providing one to three-bedroom rental apartments.

This project redefines the way people think of energy efficient design within the context of providing affordable housing. The building is designed to the Passive House International Standard as it mobilizes YWCA’s core values of providing comfortable, healthy, secure, resilient and safe housing for women. KMAI worked with the client to provide information necessary to secure environmental and energy incentives. Integrated design-value engineering was performed to ensure best overall value.

YWCA Hamilton - YWCA-slides-02_cropped-image-only_resized

A cross section rendering applying principles of Passive House.

YWCA Hamilton - YWCA-slides_all-03

grey container


Hamilton, ON

Gross Project Area

54,000 sq. ft.


YWCA Hamilton


In Construction

Project Value


Project Team

Jonathan Kearns, Deborah Byrne, Kelly Fisher, Rick Sealey, Peter Ng, Irene Rivera, Natalie Krakovsky

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