Podium Club - Podium_club_1-1

Podium Club

The elegant design creates a comfortable and intimate platform for individuals to gather and meet.

One of they key challenges of this project was to provide the impression of a brand new facility within an existing building without removing any of the existing elements. The result is an exquisite space adorned in rich colours and textures with a custom designed light fixture as its primary focal point.

grey container


Toronto, ON

Gross Project Area

2,800 sf




Completed, 2018

Project Value


Project Team

Jonathan Kearns, Peter Ng, Alice Gibson, Francesca Joyce


Adrien Williams

Podium Club - Podium_club_2a
Podium Club - Podium_club_3a
Podium Club - Podium_club_4
Podium Club - Podium_club_5
Podium Club - Podium_club_6
Podium Club - Podium_club_7
Podium Club - Podium_club_8

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