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Deloitte Corporate Headquarters

Kearns Mancini is the Executive Architect for the interior fit-outs of Deloitte’s 420,000 square feet Toronto offices. Kearns Mancini is working alongside Arney Fender Katsalidis (a London based design practice) to implement a Functional Program and Schematic Design for the new workplace.

Challenges specific to this project include complex stakeholder management, something Kearns Mancini is well positioned to address given our portfolio of tenant fit-outs for clients such as the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal. Completing the tenant fit-out with the building still under construction was also a challenge of this project that Kearns Mancini successfully addressed.

Of particular note is the second phase of the project, in which Kearns Mancini designed “Deloitte University”, a 31,000 square foot education and training facility teaching fully accredited courses and programs to Deloitte employees of North, Central and South America. The professional development centre will be used for training and staff conferences.

The facility consists of classrooms, training rooms, breakout rooms and multi-purpose rooms. Audio visual technology is a key component of the project and all classrooms are fully equipped with wall mounted, touch screen computers for interactive learning.

This project achieved LEED CI Gold certification

grey container


Toronto, Canada

Gross Project Area

420,000 square feet




Completed, 2016

Project Value


Project Team

Jonathan Kearns, Peter Ng, Alice Gibson, Arney Fender Katsalidis (Design Architect)

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Deloitte University was developed by Deloitte to support its commitment to growing leadership skills at every level of its organization. Comprising flexible active learning classrooms, multi-purpose space, meeting rooms and lounges it offers a flexible and supportive environment for learning. Spaces are designed with flexibility and future uses in mind. Furniture configurations can be adapted to suit different functions and events with varying numbers of participants. The facility also houses a hospitality component for special events requiring food and beverage.

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