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Canadian Canoe Museum

The elegant design for the Canadian Canoe Museum is the result of a Joint Venture between Heneghan Peng, Dublin and Kearns Mancini Architects, Toronto. This design was selected in a two stage process from an international line up of architects.

Located in Peterborough, the building program combines the Canoe Museum collection and the Liftlock Visitor Centre with a new revenue generating, hospitality program. The design will provide a suitable environment for the preservation and display of the collection, provide an exciting venue for visitors to enjoy and will operate in a sustainable manner.

The 80,000 sf museum is designed to engage visitors, display the museum’s collection and provide an educational and thought provoking experience. The building engages the surrounding landscape, making the arrival and approach part of the experience. An extensive landscaping program on the roof and activity programs at the water’s edge and adjacent to the building animate the outdoor spaces.

The organic, serpentine building is semi-recessed into the natural contours of the landscape with the north end of the building completely recessed into the ground, before gradually emerging as the ground falls away as one travels to the south end of the building. The green roof will assist in minimizing the transfer of solar gain to the internal spaces while providing superior insulation levels to the building.

Careful consideration is given to the building form to employ passive, sustainable techniques including Geothermal heating and cooling and a green roof to minimizing the transfer of solar gain and provide superior insulation. Full height glazing on the east and south sides of the building to reduce the need for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter.

In 2020, the site for the project changed and the client abandoned the original design.

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Peterborough, Ontario

Gross Project Area

80,000 square feet


Canadian Canoe Museum


Completed, 2020

Project Value


Project Team

Heneghan Peng Architects (Joint Venture)

Project Awards

Canadian Architect - Award of Merit 2016

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Canadian Canoe Museum - 3.
Canadian Canoe Museum - Canadian_Canoe_Museum_4

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