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We are Architects. We bring our experience, design skills and technical expertise to create spaces that delight and transform learning, living, working, care and hospitality facilities. Our carefully crafted, signature environments support the needs of individuals and transform their lives. We create inspired, iconic architectural visions by clearly identifying our clients’ needs and aspirations, as well as their cultural and market values. At Kearns Mancini, passion motivates our work. We seek out and drive the innate transformative qualities of architecture in a way that will inspire and empower our clients and their communities.


We are driven to truly understand and define the soul of a project, and never rest until we have found the ideal solution - one that allows the end-users of our buildings to naturally become a part of their new space while being liberated by it. Our principles promote the transformation of the human environment in a thoughtful way and we believe the key to that success is based on these key qualities:

We empower and enable you throughout our design process. It's how we intimately extract the true essence and needs of a project.

Calm and In Control
We are calm and in control, always approachable and reassuring. While we are friendly and accommodating. We bring an incredible work ethic and dedication to your project.

Humble and Passionate - We Love What We Do.
We put our egos in check to really drill down to your needs and deliver democratic results. Our team is always having fun and leading with a sense of humour. Reducing your stress makes the process enjoyable for everyone.



We are honoured to have received numerous awards that recognize our commitment to create spaces that will empower our clients. Here are a few...


Our Clients


I have had the pleasure of working directly with Kearns Mancini Architects for the past two years on the University of Toronto's Micro-Satellite and Technology Centre (MSTC). I am happy to provide a positive review of their incredible work. I highly recommend Kearns Mancini because of their high-quality service to clients, design prowess, and project management skills...
Dr. Robert E. Zee
Director, Space Flight Laboratory
We're living in a time of incredible consumption, and everything's about economics and everything's about cash flow, and I think he [Jonathan Kearns] has an ability to stand away from that stuff and feel something that motivates him. He's motivated to do his work in a way that I think a lot of architects and a lot of designers aren't. What I'm saying is that he's got a depth of emotion and feeling, and it comes out.
Bruce Kuwabara
CCA Chair
If there is a common thread to be pulled from these and other Kearns Mancini projects, it would be a desire to remove barriers that isolate people and boost public engagement while respecting the city's built heritage.
Anthony Reinhart
Reporter at The Globe and Mail
I wanted to express how thrilled I am at the realization of the vision by Peter and the KMA team. In its built form, the renovation makes clear what a wonderful attention to detail our architects brought to this project. The splashes of colour, abundant greenery of the atrium, light suffused throughout the spaces, changes in flooring and wall surfaces, indirect lighting, and all of the touches make this a superb space in which to work.
Gage Averill
Vice-Principal Academic and Dean, University of Toronto
Kearns Mancini performed well throughout the design/construction process, and were consistently attentive to the special needs of CAMH, its staff and clientele. Of particular note are the positive relationship dynamics that were promoted by Jonathan Kearns.
David Cunic
Vice President, Site Redevelopment, CAMH
Kearns Mancini Architects is an effective problem-solving team with positive project management skills carried out by their cohesive team of experts. Their attention to detail and knowledge of local school cost/schedule framework has always delivered effective benefit to our Board. Moreover, the quality of Design of this architectural group is outstanding.
K.J. Cochrane
Chief Architect, TCDSB
If I had realized how wonderful this space was to be, I would have extended my term to enjoy fully my spectacular new office.
Ian Orchard
Principal Academic, University of Toronto Mississauga

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