The Terrace @ First Canadian Place - Terrace_First_Canadian_Place_1

The Terrace @ First Canadian Place

Brookfield Office Properties came to Kearns Mancini to devise a new strategic direction for the development and expansion of one of their marquee buildings, First Canadian Place’s food court “The Terrace”. With an average 83,000 daily visitors and in dire need of renovations, this project presented the opportunity to revitalize an important part of Toronto’s downtown core.

By increasing the total seat count to 899 interior marquee seating and 48 exterior patio seating, our project team breathed new life into one of the most visible and highly trafficked destinations in the city.

A complete aesthetic refresh of the food court was the main scope of this project, including new selections of materials, finishes and circulation strategy. The end result is a totally reimagined and unique dining experience, extending the amenities of the space by appealing to Toronto’s growing downtown population in addition to regular business lunch clientele.

Patrons are drawn into the dining space by an LED media wall awash with color and images that shines over First Canadian Place’s parquette, conjuring up images of shopping and food enticing the senses. Inside the building, the ceiling plane of the main walkway is designed with expanses of wooden slats, meant to evoke the widespread Canadian landscape. The use of wood offsets the crisp, pristine lines of the white marble columns found throughout the existing lobby colonnade. The ceiling flows and meanders suggesting slower speeds of movement at its edges, while through its centre, faster traffic is directed with a cascade of natural light.

grey container


100 King Street West (Mezzanine Level), Toronto, Ontario

Gross Project Area

39,000 sq. ft.


Brookfield Properties


Completed, 2014

Project Value

$5.7 Million

Project Team

Jonathan Kearns, Tan Duong, Peter Ng, Alice Gibson, Anne McGetrick (in association with TJBC Architects)

In Association with

TJBC Architects


Doublespace Photography

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