University of Guelph Reynold's Building Renovation

Built in 1914, the Reynolds building at the University of Guelph had not been renovated since 1970.  Kearns Mancini Architects along with Mettko Construction were the successful Design Build team selected to complete the renovation. 

The project involved the renovation of over 31,000 square feet with the goal of providing additional research and collaborative space for the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering due to an unprecedented growth in student enrollment demand.

Key to the success of the project was the restoration of the existing heritage windows. Each window was carefully removed, repainted and each pane of glass was replaced with individual double-glazed units, thus improving the energy performance of the building.

State-of-the-art labs and spaces were designed to promote collaboration and nurture the interdisciplinary nature of the disciplines. Lab spaces have been designed to accommodate the technology required to support graduate level programs such as Interdisciplinary Computational Sciences research program and PhD degree, Master of Arts degree in Cyber Security and a new Major in Mobile Computing. The design has also taken into account the future growth of the Engineering program.

Ductwork was relocated to maximize the ceiling height allowing more natural light to penetrate the heritage windows, brightening up the space. Glass was utilized throughout the space opening it up to further encourage collaboration and allow natural light to reach deep into the center of the floorplate.

Upgrades and enhancements also included consideration of sustainability goals allowing for adjustments from the University’s central control station. The use of construction materials with high levels of recycled content and improvements were used on the building envelop to improve overall comfort levels of building inhabitants.

As a result of an integrated design approach by the design and construction team, the project has exceeded the University’s expectations and provides a bright modern building to be used and enjoyed into the foreseeable future.


Guelph, ON

Completed, 2018

Gross Sq. Ft.
31,000 sq.ft.

$6.3 Million

University of Guelph

Donna Dolan, Rick Sealey, Kevin Khou

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