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Having designed successful office spaces for S.R.T. Med-Staff twice before, our client returned to us again, this time to re-design an entire office floor plate in which to consolidate their offices, as the company had grown over time. This comprehensive interior fit-out provided much needed additional space, as well as room for future growth through a flexible design. The result is a modern, adaptable and stimulating workplace, drawing from all the current workplace best practices.

The revised layout was developed on the understanding that well-designed circulation can promote interaction between colleagues and that amenities, or ‘collision spaces’, such as lobbies, and cafés can prompt collaboration and socialization in no-pressure situations, in which staff can comfortably and naturally connect. Break out spaces like small meeting rooms and zones also included, providing opportunities for the rapid exchange of information in a focused context. 

Careful selection of building systems was critical to enhancing staff performance. The control of noise - both visual and auditory - played a big role in ‘focusing’ the main work environment to suit staff that required telephony, through the use of a series of acoustic attenuation panels across the space, which simultaneously animate the space and moderate light reflection.

Ultimately, the sophisticated professionalism of this highly-successful medical staffing company was strongly portrayed as a brand by this carefully-controlled minimalist interior. Through collaboration with the client, Kearns Mancini ensured refined planning and quality materials giving texture and tone to a busy workspace, with excellent workflow and acoustic qualities.



Completed, 2016

Gross Sq. Ft.
13,691 sq. ft.

Project Value
$1.75 Million

S.R.T. Med-Staff International

Project Team
Tony Mancini, Dan McNeil, Barbara Corej

Tom Arban

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