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Knox Presbyterian Church Renewal

After an extensive selection process, KMAI  was chosen to undertake the important renewal of the Knox Presbyterian Church. The design aims to address the church’s significant maintenance deficits and prepare the site for the future. Some of the features include an enlarged, multi-functional and fully accessible Chancel, new AV within the Sanctuary, revised pew layout on the ground floor to allow for more flexible seating.

Allowing natural light to filter into the Sanctuary was key. The solid wood doors at the main entrance were replaced with new doors that incorporated glazing. This not only enhanced light penetration but also provided pedestrians the ability to see in and the congregation to see out. The existing red carpeting was replaced with hardwood on the Chancel and new carpet in the pews and aisles.

Plaster repairs and the refurbishment of existing elements such as lighting, helped breath new life into the aging church. Originally built in 1909, the building’s architectural history was preserved and, wherever possible, existing elements were incorporated into the design.

In addition to the renewal, KMAI worked closely with the church to develop a Master Plan for the overall project that will include a student residence, 20 affordable housing units as well as community facilities.

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Toronto, ON


Knox Church


Completed 2018

Project Value


Project Team

Jonathan Kearns, Rick Sealey



Before & After

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